Grade 6 Material

Grade 6 Material

Our content is being developed and added to all the time. We have the following extra lesson material for your children in Grade 6:

Natural Sciences

An eagle catching a fish for the Grade 6 Natural Sciences Life and Living topic.

Life and Living

  • Photosynthesis
  • Nutrients in food and nutrition
  • Food processing
  • Ecosystems and food webs
Melting ice for the Grade 6 Natural Sciences Matters and Materials topic.

Matter and Materials

  • Solids, liquids and gases
  • Mixtures
  • Solutions as special mixtures and dissolving
  • Mixtures and water resources
  • Processes to purify water
A plan of a house for the grade 6 Natural Sciences Energy and Change topic.

Energy and Change

  • Electric circuits
  • Electrical conductors and insulators
  • Systems to solve problems
  • Mains electricity
A close up photo of the sun for the grade 6 Natural Sciences Planet Earth and Beyond topic.

Planet Earth and Beyond

  • The solar system
  • Movements of the Earth, planets and the Moon
  • Systems for looking into space
  • Systems to explore the Moon and Mars

Social Sciences

A person pointing to a map for the grade 6 Social Sciences Map Skills topic.

Map Skills

  • Latitude and longitude on a globe and a map
  • Concept of scale
  • Atlases and global statistics
A painting of an old sailing ship for the Grade 6 Social Sciences African Kingdom topic.

An African Kingdom Long Ago in Southern Africa

  • Changes in societies
  • Mapungubwe
  • Trade across Africa
  • Great Zimbabwe
  • European explore in Asia
A cartoon of a banker and a mechanic for the Grade 6 Social Sciences Trade topic.


  • Why people trade
  • What people trade
  • Resources and their values
  • Fair trading
A painting of a sailor with a telescope for the Grade 6 Social Sciences Explorers from Europe topic.

Explorers From Europe Find Southern Africa

  • Reasons for European exploration
  • New ideas and knowledge
  • Trade and making a profit
A bridge over a river for the Grade 6 Social Sciences Climate and Vegetation topic.

Climate and Vegetation Around the World

  • Climate around the world
  • Tropical rain forests
  • Hot deserts
  • Coniferous forests
A sign saying freedom for the Grade 6 Social Sciences Democracy and Citizenship topic.

Democracy and Citizenship

  • How people govern themselves in a democracy
  • Rights and responsibilities
  • Children’s’ rights and responsibilities
  • National symbols
People spread through Africa showing the Grade 6 Social Sciences Population topic.

Population, Why People Live Where They Do

  • People and provinces in South Africa
  • Why people live where they do
  • Rural and urban areas
  • People around the world
Scientists looking at a microscope for Grade 6 Social Sciences Medicine Through Time topic.

Medicine Through Time

  • Indigenous healing in South Africa
  • Some modern Western scientific medical discoveries

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