Grade 7: Materials

Grade 7: Materials

Our content is being developed and added to all the time. We have the following extra lesson material for your children in Grade 7:

Natural Sciences

A photo of a manta ray swimming over a coral reef for the Grade 7 Natural Sciences Life and Living topic.

Life and Living

  • The biosphere
  • Biodiversity – classification
  • Biodiversity – animals
  • Biodiversity – plants
  • Sexual reproduction in angiosperms
  • Human reproduction
  • Variation
A picture of the Periodic Table for the Grade 7 Natural Sciences topic.

Matter and Materials

  • The properties of materials
  • Separating mixtures
  • Recycling
  • Acids, bases and neutrals
  • Periodic table of elements
A scale balancing toys of oil mining and clean energy for the Grade 7 Natural Sciences Energy and Change topic.

Energy and Change

  • Sources of energy
  • Potential and kinetic energy
  • Heat transfer
  • Insulation and energy saving
  • Energy transfer to surroundings
  • The national electricity supply system
A picture of Earth next to the Sun for the Grade 7 Natural Sciences Planet Earth and Beyond topic.

Planet Earth and Beyond

  • Relationship of the Sun to the Earth
  • Relationship of the Moon to the Earth
  • Historical development of astronomy

Social Sciences

A pirate map for the Grade 7 Social Sciences Map Skills topic.

Map Skills

  • Local maps and street maps
  • Sketch maps and explaining routes
  • Distance and scale
A photo of a mosque in Mali for the Grade 7 Social Sciences Kingdom of Mali topic.

The Kingdom of Mali and the City of Timbuktu

  • Trade across the Sahara Desert
  • The Kingdom of Mali
  • The City of Timbuktu
A photo of a volcano eruption for the Grade 7 Social Sciences  Volcanoes, Earthquakes and Floods topic.

Volcanoes, Earthquakes and Floods

  • The structure of the Earth
  • Volcanoes
  • Earthquakes
  • Floods
A painting of slaves working in cotton fields for the Grade 7 Social Sciences Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade topic.

Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade

  • West Africa before the European slave trade
  • Slavery in the American South
  • The Impact of the transatlantic Slave trade on slaves
  • The Impact of the transatlantic Slave trade on America, Britain and West Africa
A graphic of a magnifying class looking at small people for the Grade 7 Social Sciences Population Growth and Change topic.

Population Growth and Change

  • Population concepts
  • Factors affecting birth rates and death rates
  • World population growth
A picture of the VOC flag for the Grade 7 Social Sciences Colonisation of the Cape topic.

Colonisation of the Cape 17th – 18th Centuries

  • Indigenous inhabitants of the Cape in the 17th century
  • Where African farmers settled
  • Reasons for VOC permanent settlement at the Cape in 1652
  • Results of the Dutch settlement
A graphic of two hands holding a growing plant for the Grade 7 Social Sciences Natural Resources and Conservation topic.

Natural Resources and Conservation in South Africa

  • Natural resources
  • Management of resources
  • Eco-tourism
  • Water in South Africa

Co-operation and Conflict on the Frontiers of the Cape Colony in the 19th Century

  • Arrival of British and expanding frontier of European settlements
  • The eastern frontier of European settlement
  • The northern frontier of European settlement

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