Parent Registration


Mindcraft Learning can help your kids stay stimulated during South African lock-down.

To add your children to our courses:

  1. Register on our site as a parent on this page
  2. Add your child on the next page
  3. Submit your registration
  4. For security you will then be sent an email with an activation link
  5. Once activated you can login with the usernakle and password originally set up
  6. At this point you can show our courses, and allocate them to your children

If you are a child who wants to attend our courses, please talk to your parents or guardians, or get in touch if this is not possible so we can try and help you.

Parent or Guardian's Details

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Communication Options

The system will always send administrative and parental communication to the parent, however we might also send course notes and alerts. These can go to your child directly, but children might not have an email address so we allow for you to review first, or to also get the notices.